A Ginger Tabby~

Isn’t it a cutie?  The stripes were my sisters idea :]
This is one of my “old” designs that I don’t make anymore.  Since this pattern was made, I’ve tweaked it so much that I hardly use any pieces from it!
I love it’s tail so I’ll probably be incorporating it into my current kitty design.  
The main reason why I shelved this design was the labor-intensive arms, legs, and ears. Making so many little pieces was hard and then trying to sew them on was frustrating. If I was to do it over again, I’d make the body smaller, redo the ears, and use my current head design (which is cuter, imo.) I’d keep the arms; I’ve learned a few tricks since this design that’ll make adding the small pieces easier. 

I debated selling it for a long time; it sat next to me in my crafty area as a constant reminder to make up my mind.  I finally decided to give her a new nose and list her in the shop! 

I hope everyone is having a fun and safe Halloween! 

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